The Horse's Taíl

Although it is timeless, the classical hairstyle looks transformed now. However, this is the year of the horse so that reflects on the fashion and trends in coiffure style.
How low can you fall ?
That is what Helmut Lang, Jason Wu, Vanessa Bruno and Jil Sander ask us. The question is not about what you think :) , it is about the level of your hair tail. This January Vera Wang even tucked he hair under a wide headband to be into the trend. It looks like the stylists forgot to pull out the free end of the tail.  DKNY tossed it aside just like a horse - his mane.

Jockey accessories
Smoothness, Super grease, depth, asymmetric tails , these are nowadays fashion trends, the reason beside the unexpected boom of that hairstyle. According to the master of the scissors Eugene Suleiman nothing is more beautiful than the female back with a hair tail reaching to the middle of the shoulder blades. Missoni, Sedric Sharlier, and many more are all fascinated by the leather straps reminding us of the whip handle.

All for the tail!
The elastic strip irritates you . Stylists are inspired. The false tail of Julien Macdonald is more than interesting. You just apply gel or mousse to your tail , dry the hair and then the elastic strip is removed. Haider Ackermann offers another version - one half of the hair on your head is tight in a "French snail", the other half is tucked in a tail. Issey Miyake likes glamrock - two side sections curled inwards and in the middle an imitation of a tail.

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