The Blonde Ambition Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep made ​​a surprising confession to her fans at the University of Indiana. There she received a special honor as a tribute to her remarkable achievements in acting.
She participated in plays since childhood, but she never believed that she could become an actress.
Decades later, now at the age of 64 years, Meryl Streep who has been nominated for the Oscars 18 times and won the award three times, admits that in the beginning of her career she could not even dream of such success. Moreover, the prospect of being an actress seemed unbelievable. She thought that profession was associated with too much vanity. She found herself too ugly to be an actress . And at that time the glasses that she wore were not a desirable and attractive accessory. 

Meryl Streep

Now, years later, she has another theory of this profession. Everyone is trying to look perfect , chasing the same stereotype of beauty. But the truth is that your greatest advantage is to look different and even strange you are to be noticed and chosen among the others. Once she used to hate her nose , now she no longer does. Meryl says that people do not mind aging. They want to work, have fun and be happy, just as when they were young. She realized it after the release of some of her recent films that have proved to be as successful as when she was 30. After a 50-year-long career, Streep can give some advice to young boys and girls in search of success. So her advice to all the ladies is to never ever worry about weight . Modern girls have too many concerns about it. However, there are far more important things to think about. 

Into The Woods

Yes, this is really Meryl Streep . The picture is from the musical ''Into The Woods'' , the making of it has recently started. The actress is not be the only famous name in the musical. Johnny Depp plays the wolf, Anna Kendrick is Cinderella, Chris Pine- her prince. Lila Crawford is The Red Riding Hood and Daniel Huttlestone (who played Gavroche in the final screen version of "Les Miserables") is Jack from Jack and The Bean Stalk. The production director Rob Marshall says that the most difficult part is undoubtedly that of the Witch, but he is convinced that Meryl Streep will do more than impressively. The premiere of ''Into the Woods'' will be Christmas 2014.  

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