Pram like a Ferrari

Baby prams

Her grandpa is the billionaire from Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone , so maybe it's not such a surprise that his four-week-old granddaughter Sofia already has an impressive range of baby prams . Because she is a still a baby Tamara Ecclestone's daughter is for now satisfied with strollers only, but imagine what will happen when she grows up . 

Her mother, Tamara showed five different types of prams while they were having their daily walks around London these days . No wonder if she has a different one for each day of the week. The most expensive one is worth 1500 pounds and the average price of the remaining four is about 1000 pounds. So Wow! I am amazed how much money celebrities spend on fancy prams when there is so much poverty and famine in the world. Arrogantly wasted money, isn't it?

Tamara Ecclestone and husband

Tamara Ecclestone and baby

Tamara Ecclestone's baby

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