MTV Movie Awards Fashion Verdict

First of all, just a summary of the event before I post my fashion verdicts here. MTV Movie Awards who were handed out in Los Angeles have always been a must-see spectacular show, which officially ends the season of this year's Movie Awards. Unlike the pompous, inflated and prestigious ceremonies such as the Oscars, here the categories are funnier, outlined with lots of humor and the winners reflect the interests of the younger audience, not those of the adult film critics.
That is why the movie of the year is" The Hunger Games 2 ." The best actor and actress are Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in the same production. The best battle award belongs to Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly who are fighting against the Orcs in the second part of " The Hobbit ." The sexiest shirtless man is Zac Efron in ''That Awkward Moment'', The best transformation award goes to Jared Leto (" Dallas Buyers Club ") . The funniest man was Jonah Hill in " The Wolf of Wall Street " and best villain is Mila Kunis in ''Oz the Great and Powerful". Henry Cavill is the hero of the year for his role as Superman in "Man of Steel".
The red carpet was very colorful in fashion trends. 
Mila Kunis finally unveils her delicately enlarged belly although she tries to cover it up with the statuette and her outfit. Her neat black dress looks both girlish and stylish, revealing he beautiful leg. I love her black shoes, perfectly matching her romantic black dress. + 1 for her great choice. 

Zac Efron looks happy as ladies are taking his shirt off- he has to justify the award that he won is glamorous in an outfit :)

Lupita looks glamorous in an outfit with all colors of the rainbow, a shortcut to Africa and the amazing colors of the black continent. Just when I think Jared Leto can't surprise us more, he shows up in a new totally unpredictable outfit and proves me wrong! 

Rihanna is very, very sexy whereas Nikki Minazh is almost unrecognizable in a simple and stylish black dress. Being used to her flashy outfits, I must say I was really surprised by her classy and elegant fashion style this time.

Jessica Alba has always been an embodiment of impeccable style for me and her white top in accordance with her trendy yellow skirt prove once again that she is a fashion icon!

Rita Ora also follows the black dress trend on the red carpet and looks dazzling in her elegant outfit that highlights her perfect body curves.

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  1. Nicky Minaj looks really beautiful in that "neutral" outfit.