Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2015

Back to the tropical Jungle. I love how the little black dress is transformed into dazzling colors this season. Colors, prints, and more accessories that reflect everything like a mirror or metallic surface. Little cloaks, prints of exotic birds, and tropical forests as landscape are some of the most popular trends.

Transparent Intentions: A jacket by Marc Cain, a bag by Furla, shoes by Guess- all these are united by the glamours of metallic surface, creating an alien, almost surreal effect. 

Alexander Wang offers us a school's April this season. He finds inspiration in the school uniforms. He loves using uniform elements in his collections: tiny catholic collars, sterile cleanliness of the white color and strict school discipline in his outfits.

From Africa, Morocco and Greece to India, Japan and even Papua, New Guinea -the trends follow the continents' indigenous inhabitants.

First here comes the ancient history of the African tribes recreated in clothes.

The solar deities of the South American nations are properly honored with patterns inspired by their bright color. The Delicacy of Asia provokes in the dark shadows of the night, while the flowers of the tropics slowly bloom in the sunshine of the Pacific Islands. The clothes are incredible! See for yourselves.

The Hunter's Club
When girls wear men's shirts, when they use their fingers to put a makeup on, when they use the skateboard just to have a little fun and Instagram as  so important for them, it means that either they have grown up or there is a new bait in the city style. Hunters know its name - Givenchy.

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  1. Gorgeous outfits-so chic and classy!
    Love your fashion reviews!