Dita Von Teese With A New Collection

This time Dita presents a New Collection of underwear and sunglasses.
The burlesque star goes deeper into the enticing waters of the fashion business.
After several years in a row she presents her own (and very successful) line of sexy lingerie. Eventually, Dita decided to diversify her design skills with a collection of sunglasses. With the American company DITA Inc. (the coincidence of names is accidental), Von Teese created and presented the top 10 models of Dita Von Teese Eyewear, inspired by the classic vintage style. Prices vary from 235 to 285 dollars.
"Never in my life have I hired stylists. I have made decisions about my style all alone and that's how I got the natural desire to use my talents in something new, '' says Dita, ''Although I love retro style in all its forms, I do not wear vintage sunglasses for their particular shape that rarely fits the individual's face. Usually, frames are too small and they look more ridiculous than beautiful. In my collection, however, elegance and the spirit of that vintage style are combined with modern trends."

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