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In the modern world of being too busy in the pursuit of a successful career people get estranged from each other and forget about the genuine communication that gives us warmth and satisfaction. That is why we somehow lose touch with our friends' circles and need an alternative for finding that special someone.

Lovebytrust is a new form of site. It is oriented to three groups of people - seeking soul mate, seeking friends or searching for an opportunity to win the monthly prize of 100 lev cash. Arranged so that it can be used easily, even for those with very little computer skills. One of the owners is a Dane that is ready to share his experience living and born in a country with very high standards of living , but with a population that the newest world data, is first among the happiest people on the planet. By using these thoughts and spirit , we created Lovebytrust - For those who feel lonely and looking with their mate and at lovebytrust you will find users that would love to meet you. 

For those of you who is not lonely but just looking for a friend with whom to talk with within the long lonely nights. Or you who will be happy in your daily live , but could use the possibility for some extra cash. Then you are all welcome to our website. And we'll always be around if you want us .

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