Classy Urban Chic

My fashion exhibition shows many fascinating details which include themes from old traditions and exceptional crafts. These designs seem to have been made by artistic hands. Such themes have perfectly created by trimming a 2 piece suit using a black soft fabric. Some nontraditional dresses like mine this season have a combination of expert cuts and long flowing coats and skirts.

I have a great appreciation for dark colors. This time, that is the classic touch of dark blue with other shades. The textile patterns are forever-fresh in my mind who never wishes to create something new aimlessly without the exceptional prominence of border lines in a unique and creative way. I also know how to get the perfect color contrast in contemporary style.


  1. She is look great with this so beautiful and gorgeous dresses.

  2. Hi! Where did you get your socks? I'm finding printed socks which are okay to wear with monochromatic dresses as well. :)

  3. Now that one is soooo cute and classy! I love black and white and everything that comes in between - which means all hues of gray! Thanks for sharing this post!

    P.S. I totally love your hair! I wish I have the same rich, flowing hair like you do. :)