What do you prefer - chocolate or sex with your partner?

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When sex becomes the number one topic for discussion it is almost certain you prefer chocolate ! Where did the desire for sex go and how to get it back?

There was a time when people had more sex than used to talk about. They were all happy and had no problems with the libido or thdepression. We embarked on the trail of the lost orgasm and found some interesting stuff!

Several years ago, the "Daily Mail" quoted an international study which showed that women were so consumed by the ambitions for their careers that caring for the family was left behind and they hano time to have sex.  

Another study at the University of Hamburg today shows that we have sex two times less as compared to the previous generation. Threasons: the stressful environment and thearly sexual initiation as a whole.

We asked 10 women who have a serious relationship, but have lost the desire for sex: "What do you prefer - chocolate or sex with your partner?". Yes! The answers surprised us!

Eight of them chose chocolate and the other two sex. This clearly shows the huge problem with the lost desire for sex!

Some ladies are terrified by the very idea about sex so they no longer see sex as something enjoyable - that is rather the occupation that just wastes their time. So they decide to try different things: sex toys, porn movies, a visit to a strip club and whatever. Unfortunately erotica does not help and even books like "50 shades of gray" are not able to solve this problem.

What is the diagnosis? - low libido, stress, anger, lack of physical confidence, ageing or all of the above? For those who prefer the more precise psychological terms, this is called "sexual dysfunction", but there is no need to spend lots of money on psychologists to find out that you have it. Because the easiest solution for this condition is -  an honest answer .

Be true to yourself by saying out loud what you want and from whom. If your partner is not satisfactory for you, then you have a really big problem and you need a serious conversation with him. Only then each of you will be able to share what does not satisfy you sexually and you can find all the answers needed to deal with your problem.

Experts say that this is the only way for you to find  the lost orgasm, without having to break up with your partner or go to excess with chocolate.

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